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Interactive topic: ritual between couples, besides holidays, gifts, etc., what do you recommend to “create surprise”?

Esther Perel. a sex therapist. said in her talk:
The eternal yearning for a sense of security. predictability. reliability and dependability leads us to fall in love and eventually to the thick and secure harbor we call home.
Libido requires excitement. uncertainty and surprise.  People always have a strong desire for novelty. mystery. risk and the unknown. unexpected and surprising. danger.

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A sense of ritual is especially important for lasting relationships. and it’s a great way to break out of the rut and create surprises.  We need holidays. but the rituals and surprises of love are not limited to holidays and gifts. they are hidden in these actions.

1.Go somewhere new

Every date is dinner. movies. shopping. which is supposed to increase the sense of ritual. but it is so old-fashioned that people feel no waves in their hearts.

The traditional date place. stay in the ambiguous period. hot love period to go. go to exhibitions. museums. escape from secret rooms. DIY. which is not more exciting than the date old three?
# museum#
The museum is quiet. the lights are focused on the exhibits. the couple holding hands in the dark. quietly discussing the past life of the exhibits. artistic man/goddess will love this romance  ;
For non-art lovers. there are also trendy museums and exhibitions with novel themes. such as the Hello Kitty Museum. the Gemstone Museum. the Museum of Broken Relationships. and of course. the Sex culture Museum and the Adult exhibition. where you can see new things and talk about new topics.

# roombreak #
Love to play can play to try the chamber of secrets to escape. set thrilling. exciting. decryption at a suit of the chamber of secrets to escape in recent years fire shot up red. become now lovers good in mind.
Decryption is the game that can show intelligence most. in the atmosphere of tension and anxiety. take TA to find the method that opens the chamber of secrets. this moment intelligence quotient bursts the table of your sexy don’t don’t ~
At the same time. it can bring you closer to each other. whether it’s decryption together. or physical contact in the dark and scary environment. it can bring you closer  !

# DIY craft   #
Now DIY workshop. not childhood play house. kneading mud.
Handicrafts. baking. pottery and so on are in DIY range. these need two people to cooperate closely. have fun concurrently again.
The two hands. working together to create a unique piece of work. will be a wonderful memory for you

2.Do something exciting

This could be a new pose. new foreplay. new lingerie. or a change of location.
For the sake of surprise. it’s ok not to tell them in advance. but if it’s a bold position and location. it’s best to ask them “Baby. can we try xx?” before you start. Otherwise. it is easy to frighten the other party.

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I sorted out some patterns of play. can refer to yo ~~

Whiz [The g-spot stimulation]
This position is good for finding the legendary “G” spot.
The girls lie on their back. the boys kneel and sit to raise the girls’ PP. so that it is more convenient to enter. after entering the girls’ legs up on the boys’ shoulders.
For boys. they can overlook girls’ bodies and expressions to get more visual stimulation.  For girls. raising your legs helps align your penis with your G-spot and gives you a chance to have a G-spot orgasm.
Face-Off [Sitting face to face on your lap]
The guy sits in a chair or on the edge of the bed. and the girl sits facing him on his lap. embracing each other face to face. The sitting position increases support and consumes less energy. making it ideal for a long marathon.
The liberated hands can walk freely on each other’s body. more provocative and more interesting. and hugging each other can not see your figure. to their own figure not confident people should like this posture.

PART2. site
If summer is here and you don’t have to worry about cold air to catch a cold. have you ever thought about trying more scenes?
Tents. for example.
Summer is the peak of camping. forest. water is a good choice. away from the hustle and bustle of the city. snuggle in the evening to enjoy the summer evening wind. starry sky. the whole mood in the hot summer are happy. Let the distant insect sound accompanied by the ear panting. sound insulation is not so good instead became an advantage.

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For example. sex in car.
Is there a better season for sex in car than summer? The beach in the early morning. the park in the rain. the suburban road in the afternoon. romantic and rich emotional appeal. this time not high up. to wait until when?

Six kits
A few simple. entry-level toys will give you a whole new way to play foreplay.
Binding binding band + eye mask. deprived of vision and freedom. will make the sense of touch more sensitive. how much anxiety in the heart. how much expectation for the unknown. later passion can be doubled and expanded;
Feather stick. feather across the body of the crisp itching stirred. consciousness and heartbeat are mixed up. in dodge and chase. gradually into a good situation;
Maintain/enhance sexual interest

It is the strangeness. the unknown. the mystery that makes desire so alluring. In his/her eyes. you will always be fresh and sexy as you continue to make progress. Be brave to try and improve your “hard power” and give him/her the best surprise!

Interactive topic: ritual between couples. besides holidays. gifts. etc.. what do you recommend to “create surprise”?

Post time: 02-17-2022


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